Employee engagement


At DJS Research, we are experts in supporting businesses to uncover the insights they need to improve employee engagement and business performance. Our approach combines years of experience delivering employee research and surveys. The advanced analytics techniques we use uncover the true drivers of employee engagement.

We are also passionate about working in partnership with our clients to deliver tailored research solutions.


Why is employee engagement important?

The workplace is changing. The challenge for employers is to keep pace with the growing demand for smarter and more flexible ways of working and advancements in technology. Alongside this, there is pressure to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. To add to this, in a highly transparent jobs market, the war for talent is fierce. Employees expect an environment which is engaging, offers potential for growth and variety, provides two-way feedback, and aligns with their own values.

Employee engagementIt is not surprising then that the issues of employee engagement, culture and retention are top priorities for our business leaders. There is a huge body of evidence supporting the link between employee engagement, motivation and commitment. Engaged employees are more customer centric and take less time off sick. They also proactively seek to improve and innovate in their work, make fewer mistakes, and put in greater discretionary effort.

Yet still only around a third of UK employees are actively engaged!