Focus on employee engagement to deliver better customer experience

Focus on employee engagement to deliver better customer experienceBased on an article published by Sitel Group on June 19 2018:

With the growing challenges facing businesses, it can be too easy for leaders to lose focus of their employees as they channel their resources into getting closer to their customers. As Olivier Camino, Sitel Group’s Global Chief Operating Officer, points out: “If a company wants to make sure they offer customers an engaging, emotional experience, then they need to start by looking at their associate experience…we are all customers, and as customers we want to be treated as individuals”.

However, this growing need for a truly personal experience is happening at the same time that technology is disrupting customer relations. This means the only way an associate will be able to deliver that human, engaging, emotionally enhanced and crucially differentiated customer experience is if that person genuinely feels central to the company’s success.

This is why Sitel Group have implemented an enterprise-wide initiative called I Do My Walking Management, which involves all managers, operational and functional supports, sitting beside agents, running focus groups, attending training sessions and actively listening to and supporting calls. It helps management maintain complete visibility and approachability on the contact centre floor, walking the aisles ready to offer help, support and encouragement. This, in turn, proves to associates that they’re at the heart of the company’s culture.

Olivier Camino recognises that employee experience is a transformational approach that will never officially end – he describes it as, “a continuous journey and a continuous conversation we want to have with our associates”.

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