Employee Engagement models

Our Employee Engagement definition is “the emotional commitment one has to their organisation and its goals, bringing with it higher discretionary effort”. Through extensive research and analysis, DJS Research has developed two models for measuring employee engagement. These are:

The A.C.T Employee Engagement Index which measures the attributes you would expect to see from an engaged workforce. It is more than just employee satisfaction or happiness. Engaged employees are ambassadors of the organisation, who feel proud to work there and recommend them as a good employer. They are also committed, with a strong sense of belonging to the organisation and intentions to continue working there. In addition to this, they toil, being motivated and doing the best work they can.

Employee engagement definition

Employee engagement definitionThe Six ‘Cs’ Employee Engagement Index measures engagement in terms of the factors known to be key drivers of employee engagement. Engaging workplaces are collaborative and innovative. They are caring and appreciative. Ideas and feedback are also welcomed in an environment of openness and transparency, where employees can grow and achieve. And perhaps most importantly, leaders role model the values and behaviours expected by everyone.